Essay About True Freedom

True freedom is by doing what is right…You are free!  You’re not a puppet either a robot to be played anytime and anywhere. However, you don’t have the ability to do everything as you wish. For instances, you want to have a healthy body always, stay young, have a long-life and know-everything but you don’t have the freedom to make this thing happen because you lack resources. So, what is the essence of a true freedom?

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Despite those limitations, you are truly free to choose and decide. You are free to use and choose particular actions that will suit for yourself. No one can intervene to decide what is right for you. You can be attracted or affected but still, no one has the right to force you to do something. 

However, this freedom is not about freedom of choice of the consequences of your decisions. It is out of your jurisdiction to re-create the result of your actions. For example, freedom to spend your time to your peers rather than to study your lessons but you are not free to the consequences of your action. Therefore, freedom has limitations and that limitation is destined by the law of God. This law gives shapes to true freedom. It is a norm that must be followed which give direction on freedom.

Your freedom always accompanied by responsibilities. You have to be responsible for your actions and decisions. How will you know that you are responsible for using your freedom? One responsible action in using your freedom is you consider the common good regardless of your personal good. For example, you use your freedom to overcome your ignorance and poverty. Also, you use it for the sake of others like engaging in different activities and projects in your barangay. Another is if you ready to face and accept the consequences of your decisions. Every actions or decision have effects whether it is bad or good. But it is not enough if you only face the result of your decision, also you must use your freedom to correct your mistakes and if your actions are not against the Law of God.

Indeed, you have the ability to analyze and choose what is right. You have a moral obligation to choose regarding the morality .it is a gift from God that’s why He is expecting that we can use it to the goodness. Remember, that a true freedom is by doing what is right.

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