Essay About Human As Supreme Being

I believe God created plants, animals, and humans. Like plants, a human needs proper care for growth and development. They must have enough nutrition to survive.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

And, like animals – humans have feelings and emotions and that’s why they feel pain and sadness, maybe because of certain difficulties. They get angry when they’re mistreated. It is said that a human is a duplication of God and that’s why we’re known as a God masterpiece.

Each of us has various abilities and it makes us unique and supreme. According to Dr. Manuel Dy Jr., humans have three important aspects: mind, heart, and hands or body.

Mind: Our mind has the ability to think, know, and conclude a certain thing. This has the power to argue, remember, and understand. That’s why our mind is also referred to as intellect, reason, intellectual consciousness, conscience, and intellectual memory.

Heart: This is one of the smallest parts of the body which covers our personality. It feels all the things that surround us emotionally and happens in our life. This is where our decisions and emotions occur. Our heart cultivates our personality and hides all the negative and positive aspect of human.

Hands or body: Our hands or body symbolize our feelings, movements, and works. This is usually used to conquer and achieve our goal. It is not important how humans use all parts of the body – the important thing is that he understands the uses and functions of his body. Our body is a very important part of being human, for it serves as a medium to express feelings and ideas in a concrete way.

Humans are a duplication of the image of God. He has the ability to know and decide freely. That’s why humans are exceptional among all, and that’s why humans have great responsibilities to act in a good way and use his mind, heart and hands or body properly.

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