Essay about Dreams/Goals in Life

Dream high and soar at great heights for it’s free. It’s the fuel of life that burns and glow silhouettes behind and helps you shine more like diamonds in the sky. Feel that you have a superpower that vanquishes all adversities and blaze your passion to shine brightly among others. Tap your potentials and let the best in you glow as you conquer the world with your flaming desire while reaching your DREAMS IN LIFE.

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Life without dreams is like a barren field that is frozen with cold snow and a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold that dream tightly for, without that dream, life will be route less and infertile. Nothing will be as powerful as a dream, just remember when people had a dream going to the moon, some people laugh at them but they never give up--Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin become the first men who arrived in the moon. Having a dream makes you great and great people are often misunderstood but they push their limits and never stop in chasing their dreams that made their dream come to reality.

Dreams starts in pretending and when you start to pretend you start to act. That’s what makes a dream prodigious that it can move mountains and make impossible possible. There is nothing wrong in dreaming high just be sure that you are doing something and keep an eye on it and never let others stop you from chasing it. It’s a gem, a shining aura that flames within us; it’s a possession that we must always take care for when it burns out darkness will prevail and fears will start to embrace us. And when it happens we get petrified and scared of exploring new things. We become losers as fear dominates us. 

Let it shine like the stars in the sky, it may be light years away but remember what Confucius had preached us “No matter how slow you travel as long as you do not stop, little by little you will reach it” Just let it shine brightly and DREAM HIGH AS FAR AS STARS!

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