Mayon Volcano: Pride of Albay, Philippines

Mayon volcano is one of the magnificent and mesmerizing tourist spot here in our place, it is a kind of a Strato-volcano, or a composite volcano, its lava is composed of has a high silica content and high viscosity, and is mainly andesitic as a mere fact

Tourist Spot in Albay, Philippines
Photo Credit: Rico De Mesa Manallo
It is categorized as active volcano with a "perfect cone" symmetrical shape. It is located at northern boundary of Legazpi City, which is known as the largest city in terms of population in the Bicol Region as shown in consensus.

It has a local folklore about the legendary heroine Daragang Magayon which died and buried and after sometime the tomb where the princess was buried is where Mayon volcano grown. That's why in Legazpi City celebrates Magayon Festival for the remembrance and respect of the legendary heroine Daragang Magayon.


In our place it is our landmark for Albay Province, Philippines, its location and altitude rises from 2,462 meters (8,077 ft) to the shores of the Gulf of Albay about 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) away. It is capped by a small central summit crater when you can see the billowing cloud of smokes coming from it.

According for some facts, Mayon volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines which had erupted 48 times in the history almost 4 centuries or 400 years. Its first eruption was on February 1616 recorded by a Dutch traveler named Joris van Spilbergen. And the most destructive eruption of Mayon volcano was on February 1, 1814, that produces dark ashes and that bombarded the town with tephra which is a ( fragmentary material produced by every volcano that erupts) this caused to buried the town of Cagsawa that killed more than 1200 people and dilapidated several towns in the territory.

Advocating our place is a big challenge for us to increase the percentage of visitors here in our place, to increase employments and to be known by the world in terms of natural beauty and wonders. Every breaking dawn you will see the smokes billowing from its crater forming clouds and mist around it symmetrical body that’s why it is most popular tourist destination in the Bicol Region and I'm proud that is our home town.

It places several times in the seven wonders of nature and the best time to visit our place are the months of March and May or in a short term the best way to visit Mayon Volcano is during "summer" not rainy days and months like November to January. There are several expeditions and courses that you will surely enjoy!

Tourist Spot in Albay, Philippines
Photo credit: Bennett Templado
As a Resident Living Beneath Mayon Volcano

I was born here and I know that "Mayon Volcano" has a special place in my heart since it was my hometown. It is one of the most active volcanos here in the Philippines but we are not afraid for we are always ready in case there will be an unexpected eruption or earth tremors. We already get used to and for us it is just an ordinary phenomenon.

Almost 48 times of eruptions accompanied with earth tremors have been witnessed by our bare eyes but we never get frightened since it is one of the main reasons why some tourist visits our place. All we need to do is to have preparedness and knowledge how to handle any type of situation that will put us to the test.

Ash fall is not new to us since every time Mayon Volcano will erupt it emits ashes that cover the surrounding. In case there is a strong typhoon, some rocks roll down the cliff that causes property destruction's and floods too. Earthquake is often experience in our place since it is an active volcano.

Born to be Wild - Mayon Volcano

Products from Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano does not just promote tourism in our area but also it gives livelihood programs and raw materials for new products and services. We all know that it gives dangers to us but in the brighter side of it we can make good stuff out of materials that was produced by its eruption.

One of the very good example is it is a source for construction materials. In contrary that it destroys properties, it is the main source of igneous rock which is formed through the cooling of molten lava. Ashes are made into vases and souvenirs. It fertilizes the soil for farmers and through eruption diamond ore can be formed.

Bicolano's creativity has been challenged because of Mayon Volcano. They become resilient and more productive in different ways.

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