Zombie Apocalypse In Africa,'Ebola Victim Rises from the Dead Story Is a Hoax?'

Ebola is a vicious disease caused by a virus, it has five strains and four of them are fatal that can make people really sick. This virus attack cells, making them explode, it destroys the immune system of human that can cause hemorrhage or internal bleeding. Reportedly in the year 1976, there have 33 Ebola outbreaks, but this year Ebola outbreak is the worst and largest occurrence that started from Guinea and scatter to Sierra Leon, Nigeria and Liberia.

Ebola Victim
Ebola Virus Victim had Risen from the Dead
Lately, Huzlers which was labelled as "a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief” have released a photo of an Ebola victim who rises from the dead; it depicts a zombie just like AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. The victim’s face was scary; there are cuts and lost chunks of flesh from his face and his eyes were clouded over.

Liberia’s National Newspaper was reported to be the first one who has released this ‘rise from the dead’ breaking news. It was said that the victim came from Ganta, Liberia. The Liberian government suspected that the Ebola Virus was a bio-weapon of created United States to be used for future wars and dispute. Liberians accused US government for the outbreak of the evolved “Ebola” – that their country was used as an experimenting place for bio-weapon testing’s.

Zombie Apocalypse? 
Two Ebola Victims Rise From The Dead

The news had also put WHO (World Health Organization) in a trance as they were terrified and startled by the Ebola victim who was already lifeless and suddenly arose from the dead. Now, it was also declared that Texas nearby Kansas had already Ebola patients, which led to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback announce October as “Zombie Awareness Month”.

According to Ibtimes, the news was a hoax and was never testified that the victim really rise from the dead. But they were sure enough that Ebola virus was deadly, and as a matter of fact, it has already killed over 3,400 people in west Africa.

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