Woman Slapped an Old Taxi Driver Nearly Got Stroke - Video Footage

This is a video footage taken by one netizen and posted on Facebook that gone viral today after a woman slapped an old taxi driver. The taxi driver son told netizens on Facebook that his dad got stroked before that's why he walks that way. His blood pressure increased due to adrenaline and fear caused by the angry couple who shamelessly threatened him.

The woman's name is Cherish Sharmaine Interior working at VXI Phil. Right now, she deactivated already her Facebook account due to public anger on Facebook. 

Backlash comments against them are all over the social media right now because of the misbehavior they have shown in the video.

The woman went back to the store where the incident happened and ask the video uploader to delete the video on Facebook and threatened the uploader that she will sue him for the video he has taken and posted. 

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