Singing Nun in Italy Wins “Voice” Competition

Last Friday, 6th day of June -- Sister Cristina Scuccia, 25 yrs old from Sicily triumphantly won in a musical competition “The Voice” singing and dancing “Flash dance” which is a song from the 1980 movie. This nun has captivated a global audience and had become an Internet star because of her austere pop song performance.

Sister Cristina was one of the very first favorites of the mob on her very first surprise blind audition last March singing Alicia Keys “No One” which garnered 50 million hits on YouTube. She had selected bad-boy rapper J-Ax as her coach as she depicts the team “The Devil and Holy Water”.

On her last act, she sang “Flash Dance . . . What a Feeling” that established her success during the four-hour finale along with final four (4) competitors” in the final round.
However, some people have thrown out their concerns whether such showcase is appropriate for a nun, especially because of her persistence in wearing a nun’s outfit while performing on stage and few bashers say that it is only her gimmick to grab attention.
But despite some negative feedbacks against her, there are still more supporters that help her made on top, garnering 62% of the votes:

Singing Nun in Italy Wins Voice Competition

Singing nun in Italy Wins Voice Competition
After bringing home the bacon, Sister Cristina expressed her deep gratitude "all those who have helped me in this difficult period," including sisters from her order who have supported her, sitting in the audience during each appearance with joyful smiles.”  - Source
She also added “thanks for the one up there," and spelled out the Lord's Prayer -- enticing the studio audience and panel of judges to pray with her and said, "I want Jesus to enter here”.
After winning Sister Cristina told everyone "But then, playing the character, every evening I realized my life was changing."

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