Facebook Selfie: Additional Comment Feature

Picture Comment on Facebook
Selfie || Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
I love pictures and I love taking pictures especially on special occasions. I also take pictures of myself, places and food. Whenever I see something that interests me I think it is amazing.

Pictures are very important today for they help add attractiveness to an article. They also add blithe to special celebrations and add memories to captivate memorable moments with our loved ones, friends and family.

There are also social media sites that offer the unlimited sharing of photos like Instagram and Pinterest. I am starting to love photography. I love taking pictures of its shows and captures moments of our lives that should perhaps be remembered.

These days I am learning to use a photo with a caption in a comment: In a comment made when it comes to my work and specifically on Facebook. I love the funny captions and faces in every photo that were added as comments.

I guess this feature is only on Facebook but I hope some sites will add this also. This funny picture tells us different emotions and the meaning – depending on the person who deciphers it. Today, almost all the people take pictures of themselves with their friends, family, pets and even their favorite everyday attire.

These days I am learning to use a photo with a caption in a picture. It documents the history and it puts traces and marks of possible importance to the user. Probably “selfie” – an invented word that refers to a person who used to take pictures of himself… This is very popular today, especially to teenagers like me. We cannot deny the fact that when we are alone there are small percentages where we used to take pictures of our faces, simply to know if we looked good when posing.

According to some psychologists, we tend to take pictures of ourselves because we seldom see our own face. We love to see our image and that is one of the facts that we love taking pictures of ourselves. But some people are camera shy and I wonder why? Are they embarrassed with their faces?

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