Child Hair Got Stuck in a Gaisano Mall Escalator in Davao City - Video

A viral video of a little girl crying while his hair got stuck on an escalator at one of the Gaisano Malls in Davao City, Philippines has been circulating all over Facebook today. 

The child hair was rolled inside and can't get it off. One guy is trying to pull it off while people are asking for the mall supervisor and security guard. Here's the tormenting video of this poor little girl.
The pain must be so excruciating. Luckily, the escalator was stopped to avoid the unbearable tragedy that might have happened that can kill the little girl. So far there are no details what happened next after the shared video. And to all the parents out there, who plans to go shopping and malling these holidays please be guided and attend your kids well to avoid such incidents. 

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