Is Cocolife Future Saving Platinum Fraud? - Here's How to Refund Your Money (Personal Experience)

Perhaps you stumbled on this blog post trying to find out if COCOLIFE Future Saving Platinum is fraud because you got into a situation wherein you just went malling and someone approached you telling you that you have a chance to get freebies like tumbler or bag without doing anything and you just need to listen for 45 minute orientation. Maybe you got interested in the offer of winning an international travel that will be sponsored by COCOLIFE and all you need to do is to advertise their company and you don't need to spend money. And they will ask you if you have Php. 15,000 plus on your ATM card for to qualified. So you decided to go with them thinking that it will just be fast and you won't be spending anything.

Here comes the catch, after you entered their branch office inside the mall. You will be interviewed by their manager asking if you were forced to go and if you are aware of the 45 minutes orientation. They will also ask a recent receipt of your ATM card if it has real money or sometimes they will swipe it just to check.

Then a financial advisor will talk to you inside their conference room. Somewhat you are hesitant to do it but they are very good in persuading people so you'll just go beside it will be just 45 minutes and you'll get the freebies and have a ticket to win an international travel.

At this moment, the financial advisor will ask you about your dreams and goals in life. In this is were the sale's talk begins for them to let you purchase a life insurance. They will show you how it works and will let you think that you really need it. They are not forcing you to join however because of the pressure and the deceptive sales talk you signed the contract and let swipe your card. They will also take a video of you showing that they didn't force you to do it.

And you finally realize you got involved in something that you are not really sure. The sad part is that they were able to get your money. You went home frustrated blaming your foolishness why you signed the contract and gave your card. Well, we make mistakes and I'm one of this foolish who got caught by their bait but does you worry, I'll teach you how to correct and refund your money.

Can I still have my full refund?

The answer is YES. You can still get your money back and I will teach you the easiest way on how to refund your money. No need for you to call/text the financial advisor who forced/deceived you to get the life insurance or even go to the branch where you got the plan.

1. First is you need to write a letter about your decision. Address it to their main office at MAKATI CITY. Tell them that you cannot pay the monthly recurring payments and you have changed your mind. Be firm with your decision. You need to submit the letter personally and don't talk too much just tell them you want a refund and you've changed your mind. Here's a sample letter:

2. And they will tell you it will take 35 days to be processed for they need to investigate what happened. They will also give you their hotline number to call. You need to call the number once a week for updates. This is very important since they will prolong your wait if you won't inquire and inquire about the process.

3. Finally, if your refund is approved which usually all the time. You need to call first to confirm if the cheque is already available at the branch where you got the plan. If yes, you will need to deposit it to your atm card before you can convert it again to cash since the cheque can't be withdrawn.

Here's the sample:

It took me 2 months to get back my money but it was worth it since it was my hard earned money and I can't just invest in something that I don't really understand. The FSP was good if you are looking for life insurance but they should not be so deceiving and coercive in selling their life insurance. They should explain it well without time pressure. They need to let client think well, give ample time for clients to decide.

Hope I've helped you with your worries and concern. 

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