Gloxi Height Enhancer Review: Results After Taking GLOXI for Four (4) Months

I always wanted to grow taller cause I feel so small around people. It affects my confidence and it leads to depression and sometimes anxiety. I seldom isolate myself because I don't feel I belong to the group. I tried Cherifer for Teens during college and took it for almost 3-4 years but only gained 1 inch and got fat. I tried the exercise online, do some stretching every day but no result. By the way, my personal statistic will be HEIGHT: 168 cm / 5'6 and my WEIGHT: 65 kg.

Last year I was about to give up and accept that I will never grow taller. That put me to depression, I feel so incompetent and ugly. But I'm one of the guys who saw the advertisement on TV about this miracle supplement that will boost my height. At first, I was really hesitant because it was too expensive and I just started working after I graduated to college. I read multiple reviews online, got into EZ SHOP website claiming it really works. I also stumbled on one personal website but usually, people that are commenting were very negative and the guy recommended to go with other products who don't have a side effect. I was about to believe in him, that it's all about your genes and growth stop when you're at 23-24 years old.

Though I was really eager to try it, so I started to save 2,000 pesos per cut off just to save enough money to purchase GLOXI. Then finally, December 31, 2017, I bought my first 2 boxes of this supplement. 

I really wanted to try and excited about it. It was my New Year Resolution; to grow taller. So I research and call their customer support to ask what are the things that I need to avoid and things I should do. Here's the list.

Credits: EZ SHOP
Each box have 30 vials that are good for 15 days only so you should have two boxes each month. For now, they have BUY 3 and GET 1 FREE which will cost you Php. 8,940.00 so Php. 2,980.00 each. You should be taking it 30 minutes after a meal (Breakfast and Dinner).

So now, this is my honest verdict for this GLOXI HEIGHT ENHANCER. Right now it's my 4th month in taking the supplement and I already gained 2 inches. I did mark my apartment wall for me to track if there's a real result. Here:

I am not bluffing you guys cause I know how it feels to be small. But to be honest, I am about to quit taking it because it's too expensive but seeing the result maybe there's still hope for me to gain more inches. My observation was during my first month it was exciting seeing quick results but it slows down after a month and after three months got a result again and now I got another result when I'm about to reach my 4th month. 


The bone in my legs hurt and it feels like I bumped it. Though the GLOXI / STAND HIGH CREAM eases the pain. And also whenever I jog, it really hurts like my bones are about to crack (just a hyperbole) but that's how I feel. 

I stopped drinking soda and coffee which is really hard for me. Luckily, I was transferred to day shift so I guess it was also a factor. I eat more veggies and drink milk. I don't feel sleepy taking GLOXI, not like Cherifer which makes me drowsy. 


I'm happy because I got few 2 inches for 4 months, my friends was wondering because I was growing taller even I didn't tell them I was taking Gloxi. I also feel it, I did grow taller especially hanging out with friends who used to be taller than me.

Now, I am taking my last 30 vials and this coming April 30, 2018, the BUY 1 GET 1 promo of EZ Shop is about to end. I really don't know if I should continue even I really want to grow taller. It's really expensive. So before you buy, make sure you have enough money at least 4 months to get results.


  1. on your physical built, may changes ba? like upper extremities is short than your lower?

    1. Yes po, yung legs mo mapapansin mo na humahaba, usually pag nagtake ka sumasakit talaga so you need to apply cream.